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Fireflies and Klezazz Chanuka Party, Cork City, Ireland, Dec 8, 2007

band photoThe Fireflies and Klezzazz Chanuka Party Gig

Chanuka is a happy Jewish festival, celebrating the triumph of the oppressed, and this year will be celebrated in style in Cork City on Saturday December 8th at 9pm in An Spailpin Fanach.

Entry to the gig is €5 and includes a free doughnut.

Chanuka lights will be lit at 9pm sharpish.

The Fireflies, Ireland's original Klezmer band, will play their rocking Klezmer and Gypsy tunes, like they mean it, supported by Klezazz.

Klezazz is a new musical union between two of Ireland's busiest Jewish musicians, Yossi Valdman and Ruti Lachs, with special guest Karolien Verheyen. The mix of Jewish music and jazz is heartfelt and exciting.

Yossi Valdman, Cork jazz vocalist and guitarist, currently plays with Valdman Smyth and Baus, and is bass vocalist with Voices of Cork, a community choir.

Ruti Lachs plays piano accordion with The Fireflies, and sings Yiddish, Hebrew, and original songs from her CD "Sleeping People". In Klezzaz, her sweet piano style comes to the fore.

Karolien Verheyen plays drumkit and percussion. She plays with Coney Joe and facilitates two Samba bands.

Ruti, Yossi and Karolien are all active music teachers and community musicians, as well as following their own creative musical paths.

The Fireflies are well known in South West Ireland, entertaining lively audiences in Cork and Kerry, and at festivals and weddings, over the past five years. Their strong vibrant clarinet and accordion frontline features Fiona Ashley and Ruti Lachs, with Fred and Billy Spoonsberg keeping it rocking on bass and drums. This music is guaranteed to get you up dancing! And singing, stamping, clapping, whooping, hollering.....

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