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April 7, 2017

Fun dor tsu dor : From generation to generation, Limousin, France, 2–8 Apr 2017

Fun dor tsu dor : From generation to generation

April the 2nd to the 8th 2017
The gorgeous castle of Ligoure is located in the idyllic French region of Limousin.

A week of yiddish culture in the castle of Ligoure: workshop, klezmer orchestras, dance and yiddish lessons for all levels. Activities designed for adults and kids.

Coordination, flute, clarinet : Marthe Desrosières
Batia Baum : Yiddish teach
Eléonore Biezunski : violinist, singer
Hugo Proy : clarinettist, guitarist
Andreas Schmitges : dancer, mandolinist, guitarist.

Maison de la culture yiddish
tel: +33(0)1 47 00 14 00

All the informations are available on www.yiddishweb.com/ligoure/

Klezmer/Israeli dance w/Majorly Minor, Palo Alto, CA, 7 Apr Jun 2017

Majorly Minor will play for a klezmer and Israeli dance night, part of Stanford International Folk Dancers.

Friday, April 7, 8:00-11:00pm
Stanford Dancers.
First Baptist Church,
305 N California Ave

General admission $12.
More info: 650.966.1775