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New home page

Welcome to the new KlezmerShack home page. I am still figuring everything out, but the main page is becoming a weblog, powered by "Movable type." Over the next few weeks, I'll be extending how I use the weblog, possibly even to how I run the calendar. There are a host of long-delayed changes coming to the KlezmerShack, and most important, CD reviews are coming back very, very soon.

One of the reasons I am moving to the weblog format is that readers can comment each entry.


Interesting concept which I'm keen to watch. My major gripe is that the home page doesn't render into my screen width on Netscape 4.79 at 1024 x 768 pixels, and the capacity to add comments also does not work. I know I'm swimming against the tide, but I resent the dominance of Microsoft and avoid the use of their products (beyond the operating system) wherever possible.

I feel strongly that web designers need to ensure that their coding works across all major browsers whilst I recognise that some commands/features are not available on older browsers. (When they work out the bugs in Netscape 7 I'll migrate to that)

OK, So I take some of that back. After a considerable wait, the comment window does appear in netscape, however, the text does not wrap and it becomes very difficult to keep track of my own comment without using the horizontal scroll bar and that's a tukhes veytik.

Then on using the Enter key to "hard return", I find that the cancel/preview/post buttons, the remember info text and the forget personal info buttons have disappeared, making my efforts to post from Netscape totally wasted... and it's back to IE again. Vider a tukhes veytik.

Hope this feedback is useful... This is still the most awesome site in the world of klezmer...
Mitn rekhtn fus!

Hi Lionel,

I'll have to meet you half way. There are numerous problems with the HTML on this page which will be corrected over time.

But I will probably never again test for compatibility with Netscape 4.x. It was an aberrant, buggy, piece of toxic waste and there are a plethora of recent browsers significantly more stable, and significantly closer to W3C standards, including Mozilla (which I use), Opera, Chimera, Safari, and even Netscape 7, available on Windows, Mac, and various *nix platforms.

Let's both upgrade.

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