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Henry Sapoznik interview--the banjo scoop

Mark Rubin interviews Henry Sapoznik about the banjo. It was the banjo, in a way, that brought Sapoznik to klezmer. But Henry has a lot to say about the Sixties old timey music scene, playing banjo, growing up the son of a cantor, and, of course, klezmer banjo. The interview came out in the summer of 2002. Rubin just brought it to my attention this week.



I wonder if you can help. I'm making a programme for BBC radio in England about klezmer and Yiddish swing in New York. Can you suggest anyone I should talk to and perhaps tell me where I might find henry Sapoznik.

Best wishes,

Stephen Evans.

>where can I find Henry Sapoznik

Other than searching the klezmer shack and finding that his e-mail address is listed on the personal contacts page, http://www.klezmershack.com/klezcontacts.html ?

Or, by joining the jewish-music mailing list and inquiring on the subject there? See http://www.ivritype.com/resources/jlists.html#jewish-music ?

This stuff is put online so that you can find it YOURSELF!


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