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Wandering through Jewish tradition by BEN-CANAR: a new CD from OW

Best greetings from Poland!

I am writing to you because I would like to inform you that we just released the CD called "Nedudai" by SHANI BEN-CANA. This is wonderful record of young talented musician who lives in Safed, Israel.

As for many Jewish families, the life of his own family has been a long journey which is instantly reflected in his music, taking in traditional Jewish music from all corners of the world. Klezmer and Hassidic music interweave together with sounds of the Orient. The beautiful sounds of traditional string instruments (saz, oud) and accordion, violin, clarinet and percussion mingle with joyful singing and cantor's sad wailing.

Nedudai (Wandering) is a journey through time, and it reveals the rich diversity of Jewish music from Poland, through the Balkans, Levant and to Central Asia.
You can find more information and also you can listen to this music at: < www.orangeworld.pl/records/e-index.htm.
If you are interested in license, distribution, concerts, promotion or buying of this wonderful record, do not hesitate to contact us. We are open for all kind of co-operation.

With best wishes,
Piotr Pucylo (producer & musician)

ul.Swietojanska 5/7 m.5,
81-368 Gdynia, Poland,
tel. / fax: (+48 +58) 620-59-40

e-mail: info@orangeworld.pl

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