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Metropolitan Klezmer in "Preview"

cheesy album coverMetropolitan Klezmer, is one of the best urban klezmer dance bands around. The only thing better than listening to a Metropolitan Klezmer album is seeing them live. Given that, a "preview" of their new album, which includes even a few live tracks, is a treasure. Anchored by Sicular's precise, fluid drumming, and wonderful, brassy horns, Deborah Karpel's voice and a variety of lead instruments (depending on whether a given cut is Metropolitan Klezmer, or the all-woman, "Isle of Klezbos"), make this preview a tasty souvenir; a bisl something good to whet one's appetite. What I wanna know, though, is why not more live tracks?

Psyched? This is what bandleader (bandsleader?) Eve Sicular writes about acquiring this delectable dish:

"The preview contains "over a dozen studio cuts from our upcoming spring '03 release plus great live bonus tracks — fullly mastered no-frills limited edition: Metropolitan Klezmer & Isle of Klezbos traditionals and originals! 48-minute sneak preview CDs are available by mail & at all shows direct from the bands only; details below.

"To order by mail, just send $12 for one CD (+$10/each per additional copy) Checks payable to "Metropolitan Klezmer". Send to: 151 First Avenue #145, NYC 10003 USA. (price includes tax and domestic US first class postage/handling... please email or call re: rush or int'l orders via Priority, Express Mail or Fedex)

** Be sure to include your phone number, email, and full mailing address for sending. **"

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