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new issue of Zukunft on Jewish Music

The yiddish literary journal the Zukunft is now in its 110th year. It is the oldest Yiddish periodical today. The current issue is a special issue with a focus on Jewish Music.

This issue of the Zukunft (vol. 107, no.1) is available from The Congress for Jewish Culture for $6.00. A subscription to the Zukunft, a quarterly is $30.00. Please make checks out to the Congress for Jewish Culture. Please subscribe and have your library subscribe too!

Zukunft, 25 E. 21st. NY NY 10010

Feature articles :

Lyudmilla Sholokhova "Di folklor-zamlung fun Moyshe Beregovski" [The Folklore Collection of Moyshe Beregovski]. Ms. Sholokhova was the cataloguer of the Beregovski-Anski collection in the Vernadsky Library in Kiev and editor of the 800 page catalogue to that collection.

Jeffrey Wollock, "Fun kleyn-shtetldikn klezmer biz kontsert-virtuoz" [From small town klezmer to concert virtuoso]. It seems to be common knowledge that the roots of the great Jewish violinists were in klezmer music, but no one talks about the specifics, how the change through the generations happened. Mr. Wollock shows in detail exactly how this transformation occured in several famous musical families.[part one only]

Itzik Gottsman "Der oyfleb fun klezmer-muzik: sakh-haklen nokh 25 yor" [The klezmer revival: conclusions after 25 years]. This essay is divided into: the beginnings of the revival; klezmer music in Germany - a thesis; the new literature about klezmer music and the revival; what does the klezmer-revival lack?


I've tried emailing the Congress at the address you give, to find out the cost for a copy of this magazine to be posted to Australia.
Both times the emails have been returned.
Can you confirm their email address?
Al Drummond

It looks like there was, indeed a typo. Try


I'm going to correct the original, as well.

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