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Klezmer on the Air: Germany Apr5,

Here are two upcoming klezmer concerts that will be broadcast this weekend, one in Germany, one in Boston, MA:

The German broadcast, of the Joel Rubin Klezmer Music Ensemble, will be on Germany Public Radio SWR2 (cable frequency 107,85) at 8:05pm, Saturday, Apr 5

In Boston, Michael Winograd and his band will perform ~9:30a.m., Apr 6, WERS, 88.9 FM.

Germany, Apr 5

For those of you who will be in earshot, there will be a broadcast of the Joel Rubin Jewish Music Ensemble on this Saturday (April 5, 2003) on German Public Radio SWR2 (cable frequency 107,85) at 8:05 pm. The concert was recorded in the Frankfurter Hof in Mainz, Germany on November 6, 2001.

Joel Rubin, clarinet
Kalman Balogh, cimbalom
Claudio Jacomucci, accordion
Ferenc Kovacs, trumpet
Laszlo Major, first violin
Sandor Budai, second violin
Csaba Novak, bass

Further information at www.rubin-ottens.com

Boston, MA, USA, Apr 6

Michael Winograd writes: "I would like to invite all of you in the Boston area to tune in to WERS, 88.9 FM, this coming sunday morning (april 6'th) at 9:30 or so to hear some live klezmer and yiddish music. The group features violin, clarinet, piano, bass, drums and voice and will hopefully have a good band name by the time of the broadcast.... Be well."

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