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Wu-Tang Clan to tour Israel

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I got a comment from Adam Holzband, in Austin Texas (home of the Austin Klezmorim and Rubinchik's Yiddish Ensemble, btw) mentioning that Jewish stuff occasionally "peeks through" on his weblog. Took a quick look and discovered that hip hop group, Wu-Tang, will be touring Israel soon. It doesn't strike me quite the same way it did when Memphis Slim showed up 30 years ago, but it sounds about right for this moment in time, as it goes.

Sometime, if there is ever a time to talk about things that never happened, I'll have to write about my attempts to get a friend, Bruce, who had been living with the Bedouin in the Sinai off and on for a while, to get them to smuggle us both to Egypt to hear the Grateful Dead at the pyramids. I'm still not sure if Bruce's demurral is one of the reasons I'm here today, or if I missed out on an incredible story. Or both.

And, thanks for the comment, Adam.

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