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The other week, or the other month, when I was complaining about the lack of Jewish weblogs, I was only partially correct. There doesn't seem to be anyone other than the Klezmershack writing about Jewish music online, regularly. I link to every article I can find that might be of interest to klezmershack readers, but there aren't a lot.

But where the KlezmerShack is always torn between wanting to write about interesting and new music, and wanting to spread the word specifically about interesting and new Jewish culture, there seem to be a host of weblogs out there that have lots of attitude, interesting things to say, but almost nothing to say about Klezmer or Radical Jewish Culture as I understand them, or that reworking of Jewish culture that marks a change in what being Jewish means. Here's a fascinating sample - JewSchool.

For interesting surface froth about Jewish attitudes - occasional bits about antisemitism, the obligatory putdown of Madonna's "kabala" phase, a link to Afro-Jewish garb - it looks, well, kinda nifty. And it has a good calendar of events - not a lot of events, but ones that look worth attending. Lotsa links. Just a weblog that kvetches. Well, that's Jewish, I guess.


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