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new JMD-UK site

Rainlore's World of Jewish Music calls our attention to a new site design by the UK's Jewish Music Distribution Co. Although there is still no shopping cart feature (you order by pasting the vital info into an e-mail and sending it off, or by calling), the site is less harsh on the eyes than some of the other online Jewish music websites. I don't know the old design, but it is reasonably easy to find information and to find albums, now. Compare to Hatikvah or Tara Music, both based in the USA. The JMD site also showcases links to vital UK Jewish arts and culture pages, which is nice. I'd still like to know why the one group of people supposedly earning money off of Jewish music (sadly, the artists certainly aren't) - the CD stores - have the least attractive, least functional websites. This one is at least reasonably attractive, and Jewish music fans in the UK, or in Europe, should know that there are local sources of good music.


RAS also notes that the e-mail address for JMD has changed. The current e-mail address is: orders@jewishmusic-jmd.co.

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