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Conference on Rebetika, Oct 16 - 19, 2003

Rebetika (aka "rembetika") is the greek answer to fado ;-). It's close enough to klezmer that I want to spread the word.


You are invited to attend our Third International Weekend Conference

Present Projects and Future Prospects"

to be held at the Melina Mercouri Hall on the Island of Hydra, near Athens,

Thursday 16 October - Sunday 19 October 2003

See our website at: www.geocities.com/HydraGathering

++ The Hydra Rebetiko Gathering is an annual event, held in the third week
of October on the Island of Hydra. It is attended by people from all over
the world, Greeks and non-Greeks alike. We combine academic research,
performance and workshop sessions related to Greek music and Rebetiko in

++ In recent years there has been a great upsurge in interest in Rebetiko.
Books have been written. Biographies of the leading exponents have been
prepared. Films and TV documentaries have been made. Historic archive
recordings have been issued. And a new generation of performers has been
reviving the tradition in the clubs.

++ Our Conference brings together the main researchers and writers in the
field of Rebetiko, together with films and documentaries, and singers and
musicians who perform songs old and new. The Conference is open to everyone
interested in Rebetiko music. We aim to generate and circulate
Rebetiko-related materials in the English language, for the benefit of
non-Greeks and for Greeks in the diaspora who do not read or speak Greek.

++ We are particularly concerned to identify the roots of Rebetiko in the
wider area of the Mediterranean basin, and in Anatolia in particular. In the
past two years we have brought musicians and singers from Turkey who have
helped explore the roots.

++ Each year's Conference has a sub-theme. This year's will be

"Women and Rebetiko, and the Rebetiko Women "

++ In order to maintain the intimate atmosphere of the Gathering we are
limiting registrations to about 120. Therefore it is recommended that you
book early. The registration fee is 25 / 40 euros / $36 per person. Full
details of the Hydra Gathering are on our website at

If you wish to register to attend the conference, please send your details

by e-mail to rebetology@yahoo.com

by mail to:

Ed Emery
[Hydra Rebetiko Gathering]
Cambridge CB2 1RD

or by fax to: 0044 [0] 870 133 0145


I am on the program committe for the Hellenic Museum and cultural center in Chicago, illninois in the USA. We are working on putting together a program with an exhibit in June 2006. I was looking for some info on programing presentations
about Rembetika. First I'm looking for a list of scholars on the subject for a panel discussion. Secondly a historic perspective or eocio-economic contex and implications and scholars who could speak on the subject.
Lastly either the women's role in Rebetika or how this music might compare to todays Blues; Rai et al.

Thank you in advance for any information on scholars or contacts on the subject.

Wouldn't you rather contact the folks who put on this conference, rather than post a comment to an event that happened two years ago on the KlezmerShack and hope that someone sees it?


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