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Radio Broadcast tonight, 5/19/03, from Meron

R. L. Reid writes to the Jewish-Music mailing list, this morning:

Nachum Segal's radio program on AM 620 in New York City will be carrying a live feed from Meron tonight at 7 PM Eastern time - therefore the sounds of Lag BOmer in Meron at 2 AM Israel time.

There does seem to be a live web link for listening but I've never tried it - www.nachumradio.com I would suspect it might not be handle to handle a large number of connections.

It's worth trying to get the broadcast, though. This is one of the purest streams of traditional klezmer still extant - the Meron tradition represents the tradition of Jewish wedding music, as brought from Eastern Europe by Hasidim in the 18th century (is my memory for history correct on this? I seem to remember this as the big hasidic emigration to Tzfat, rebuilding what had once been a thriving center a few centuries earlier, prior to an earthquake that marked the end of the Tzfat of Luria and his peers - but I am not at home, and not near a library to quickly reference this), and as it has evolved there.

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