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Jewish Music Blog in NYC

Matt Temkin now lives in New York. He grew up in Chicago and played in the Maxwell Street Klezmer Band's junior band until he came to Boston to go to college, where we enjoyed seeing him at all simkhas and concerts and sometimes just to shmooze. To our great regret, he has now moved to New York, where he has started the first Jewish music blog in that city, mattflight.blogspot.com. No RSS feed yet, but some interesting items, including one about purchasing an old vinyl album on e-bay attributed to the Joseph Korda players, which turned out to be an exact duplicate of "Freilach For Weddings, Bar Mitzvah and Other Celebrations - Vol.1" on the Request label (SRLP 10102) by Dave Tarras and Murray Leher.



If Matt's music inspires such ALL CAPS existentialism, what of the really wild stuff?

In truth, you utter a common cry - we know that the residents of the Bagdad were upset by the writers of those piyutim with their goyish melodies. One can imagine David saying the same of his own sons.

In the end, we will know Jewish music as we know Jewish survival - it will be the music that Jews three generations from now sing as familiar melodies. What they will be, I cannot say. Think of how it's all changed just in our own lifetimes, from nign and leyning and the high art of cantorial music to Shlomo Carlebach and Debbie Friedman to SoCalled and Frank London and Margot Leverett's Klezmer Mountain Boys.

It is a wonderful time to be alive and Jewish.

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