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New KlezKalendar in "beta"

The Weblog software I use for this site is quite versatile. For months I've been meaning to use it for the calendar, as well as for the main page. I now have a "beta" calendar, with events for the next week or two.

How does it compare with the current calendar?

Let me know what you think. Once I finish making the calendar pages look like part of the KlezmerShack, I'm going to work on setting things up so that people other than myself can add events. If there are other calendars online that work especially well, let me know about them and I'll see if I can add more features. Also, note that there is a major upgrade to Moveable Type due late this summer. Features that I can't add now (or don't have time to figure out now) may still be added then.


I love the new format. Its much more readible.
I think the challenge is to get alot more listings. I think there is more going on than
is listed, however you do a fantastic job
with your website and are providing an incredibly
important service to the Klezmer and Jewish communities. My band has already got a gig
and another potential gig from our listing
with you. Keep up the good work.
Marc Adler
Barrington, Rhode Island
Klezmer Clarinetist with the Klezphonics
(formerly the Landsman)

Thanks! You're right--this is the tip of the iceberg. I hope that making events easier to find, (and easier for me to list - ultimately, I hope to open this up so anyone can list their own event), helps get the word out.


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