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New calendar launched

Well, it's official. The old calendar was so dysfunctional that no one appears to miss it at all. Many people seem not to have noticed that it was there. So, even though it will take some time to get all of the pieces configured to include all of the information that was technically present, if not findable on the old calendar, I've launched the new calendar.

Listings are still bottlenecked by time - I list what I have time to list - but I like to think that now, at least, when an event is listed, maybe the listing will help pull people in to the event.

Bookmark, www.klezmershack.com/calendar/

Note that the calendar is global. We have events listed this week from Turkey to Denmark to California and Victoria Island in Canada. To help people find events they might actually be able to attend, we categorize, first, by location. (We also categorize by type of event and type of music.) So, if you are using an RSS Newsreader like Sharpreader, you can quickly see what events are listed for your area by viewing the XML 2.0 feed (the "2.0" version is Dave Winer's renamed 0.92) or the RDF-based XML feed (officially version 1.0)

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