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Bohlman Rescues Music of Rare Jewish Cabarets

Sam Weiss posted this neat article to the Jewish-music mailing list:

from U. of Chicago Chronicle, June 12, 2003:
By Seth Sanders

"Not only can Philip Bohlman discuss the Jewish cabaret music that was rescued from oblivion by the Austrian Censor's office--he and his colleagues also can perform it, rescuing it once again.

"Bohlman, Professor in Music and the College, is an ethnomusicologist who researches Jewish music, the musical cultures of Europe, America and the Middle East, and the musical dimensions of religion, nationalism and racism. Just last year he published World Music: A Very Short Introduction, which brings all of these elements together. ...

The rest of the article is on the University of Chicago website at chronicle.uchicago.edu/030612/bohlman.shtml

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