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Alicia Svigals to appear in Boston, Sep 24

One of the most incendiary violinists around, co-founder of the Klezmatics and now moving beyond, Alicia Svigals will be appearing in Boston this week. It's a free concert. It will be amazing. I'm not sure what will come up to prevent me from coming, but I expect to make a more-than-usually-extraordinary effort, because Svigals is simply amazing. She's also being accompanied by some of the best: Jim Guttman, bass; Miriam Rabson and Rohan Gregory, violins; Pete Rushefsky, tsimbl; and Larry Eagle, percussion. I'm not familiar with Gregory's playing, but if he's as good as Rabson* and Svigals, this should be incendiary times three.

Free and open to the public. For information call 617-353-8096. For more details, see the Klezmer Calendar

*Rabson played at my wedding. I may be biased.


Rohan Gregory is a phenomenal violinist, as you will soon hear!

Cool! Looking forward to it.

Rohan is incredibly talented and it is always a treat to hear him play.

I can see that the Hoover family includes big fans! With what band does he play? Where might I have heard him?

In addition to playing with the Arden String Quartet and Paranoise, Rohan plays with The New England String Ensemble and has played with the Boston Symphony and the BSO Pops Esplanade orchestras, the Boston Ballet Orchestra, the Boston Lyric Opera, and the Portland and Springfield symphonies.

His range of interests have taken him from chamber music to touring in Thailand with Kaleidoscope, to India with the indo-jazz group Natraj, nationally with the Sophia Bilides Greek Folk Ensemble, and of course, to Klezmer, and tours with the Klezmatics (including a Great Woods performance with Itzhak Perlman where I first heard him).

I think he is an amazingly talented violinist and a really wonderful person, but I may have a bit of a biased opinion as I am privileged to have him as my teacher. And yes, our whole family is a big fan club.

I agreer that Rohan is a totally phenomenal player, and in the rare chances I've gotten to study with him (I play the Cello) I have found him to be a great teacher as well. But let's not forget to mention Jim Guttmann, who I am currently taking Klezmer with. And I must say that he isn't half bad on that over-sized f?ddle of his!

Boston needed this concert for a while! thank you alicia! that was perfect- MW

That was a great concert! I was sorry that I had to leave at the intermission, but that's the way it goes! And they were just starting to really cook!

yea, verily, sounds issue forth from my brother's viol which make one forget those which issueth by chance from his nether throat!

Well, all three violinists, Rohan included, were extraordinary, as were the non-violinists: Larry, percussionist from the Andy Statman Band, Jim, bassist extraordinaire from KCB, and Pete, one of the five tsimbl players in the world ;-). ("five tsimbl players" - joke by Pete to downplay his expertise and to find an alternate explanation as to why he plays so many gigs).

But, Alicia Svigals is still beyond extraordinary. It was her show, and she was wonderful.

Some pix available after Rosh Hashanah, I hope.

Very poetic Probyn!
I definately agree that the sounds issue forth from your brother's viol are amazing, but I must have missed something as far as those sounds which issueth by chance from his nether throat! Maybe he just spares us wee childeren from such verbal outbursts?

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