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Western Sephardic Music Tradition

In response to a query to the Jewish-music mailing list, Barry Mehler posts the following to the the list:

If you click on the below link and then click on the text of Mizmor leDavid you will find a recording of an excellent example of the Western Sefardic Music Tradition. This melody of Mizmor leDavid was composed on commission for the Portuguese Synagogue in Amsterdam just after the turn of the (20th) century by Victor Schlesinger.

Applogies for the distortion in the recording caused by the compression.



I would like to find out where I could get a hold of the sabbath service in Sephardic and listen to the Torah spoken in Sephardic.

You would be best served by looking in your telephone book for a local Sephardic congregation, and attending! If you live in a town without such a congregation, you can wait until your next vacation or business trip takes you to a city that does.

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