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Polish Jewish Music - Online Journal

Judy Pinnolis writes to the Jewish Music list:

The Polish Music Journal, Vol. 6, No. 1, Summer 2003 has several articles on Jewish music. It's an online journal with the full text of the articles available to the public. These articles were mainly from a conferece held in 1998 in LA on Polish/Jewish music. There are also other articles of Jewish interest in the back issues of the journal. Member-of-the-list Hankus Netsky was one of the authors.

There are several articles worth our attention from this recent issue including:

  • Marian Fuks: Musical Traditions of Polish Jews

  • Maciej Golab: Józef Koffler: The First Polish Composer of Twelve-Tone Music

  • Martin Schüssler: "Karol Rathaus—An American Composer of Polish Origin:" The Development of an Americanized View of Rathaus and its Consequences for the Reception of His Music
  • Hankus Netsky: Three Twentieth-Century Jewish Musicians from Poland: Frydman, Rosner, and Bazyler
  • Bret Werb: "Majufes: A Vestige of Jewish Traditional Song in Polish Popular Entertainments"

The URL for the Jewish Music edition of the Polish Music Journal is www.usc.edu/dept/polish_music/PMJ/issue/6.1.03/contents.html

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