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Israeli fusion band to tour US, Canada, in summer 2004

band photo

Based in Tzfat, Israel, Ben-Canar & Shvil Hehalav advertise themselves as playing "Progressive Hassidic Funk, Desert Jazz, full of humor, spirituality, virtuose improvisation and crazy rhythms. A renaissance of a"new" old tradition. Quality-proved. Made in Israel."

The band has two CDs out (see OrangeWorld Records) and has performed at many jazz and ethno festivals including:The Red Sea Jazz Festival, Klezmerim in Safed, Bereshith, Shantipi, Festival Israel, Bumbamela, Jaffo Nights, Shoni Jazz Festival. They are hoping to tour the United States and Canada, in an Israeli-government-sponsored tour in the summer of 2004. They are open to inquiries regarding performances at: cosmicevent80@hotmail.com

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