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Oi Va Voi big hit in Israel

album coverHere's something new: A "Diaspora" Jewish band making a big pop spash in Israel: The Haaretz review of Oi Va Voi's new "Laughter Through Tears", an interesting Jewish-tinged dance album that made several of last year's 10-best list here and in the UK notes: "... Israeli radio has not been too taken aback by the album's decidedly Jewish overtones. To judge by the number of times 'Refugee' and another track, 'Yesterday's Mistakes,' have been played already on 88 FM (Israeli and world music) and Army Radio's Galgalatz traffic-music station, it seems Israelis are also finding Oi Va Voi's stuffed kreplach quite tasty." Read more via the English-language version of Haaretz, The Jewish Cry of Joy, by Sagi Ben-Nun.

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