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Jewish music list archives now searchable

Search broke on the Shamash lists a year or so ago. Irwin Oppenheim, who runs the wonderful Cantors pages, chazzanut.com has now created his own searchable archive of everything. Thank you, Irwin!


Have you experienced trouble searching the archives of the Shamash mailing lists, like me? Have you always wished that there were an easy way to find a mail thread of several months or years ago?

As a service to the public, Chazzanut Online now contains a fully searchable and browsable archive of the <jewish-music@shamash.org> (1992-2004) and <hanashir@shamash.org> (1996-2004) mailing lists. That's more than 800MB worth of data!

Now you can finally read again what Ari Davidow thought about Jewish Music way back in 1992: http://archive.chazzanut.com/jewish-music-old/msg00001.html not to speak about 1986... http://archive.chazzanut.com/jewish-music-old/msg00000.html

Care has been taken to protect the archive server against e-mail harvesting spam bots, by scrambling all the e-mail addresses contained within the messages.

Again, enjoy the services of archive.chazzanut.com

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