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Right Wing Orthodox Jewish Rocker has interesting blog

I haven't often used this weblog for the obvious purpose of linking to other weblogs. This weekend I was looking at the entries for Jewish music subjects in a new blog search engine, technorati, and found a rather interesting blog by someone who appears to be part of the more-orthodox-than-thou community, who is especially interested in the loud rock side of Jewish music. His comments about My Afro-semitic Experience are a good representative of his writing, but only one - it's certainly worth reading more.

I didn't agree with the blogger's reaction to Chevan's small political mention, and I certainly would not and do not draw the same conclusions from Chevan's intent. Come to think of it, as a child of the Sixties (well, as a tail-end baby boomer) I think that politics and music should mix - that politics infuses everything we do (as much as I do my best to keep politics off the Jewish-Music mailing list as the only way to accomodate widely differing, frequently polarized political views trying to come together to share cultural commonality), so not only don't I draw the same conclusions about Chevan's intent - opposition to Israel's security fence is not necessarily a sign that one is careless of Israel's security; rather it could be that calling the fence a "security" fence doesn't necessarily make it so - but I don't agree with the belief that music can always be separated from politics.

But that's me. More important, Velvel writes an interesting blog, velvel.blogspot.com and it is often about Jewish Music. And we came very close to doing something very similar when we opened the door for Elijah at our seder. Enjoy.

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