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Spammers and the KlezmerShack listings

For a couple of years I have watched, in frustration, as spammers get faster and faster at picking off new e-mail addresses from new listings here on the KlezmerShack. Some people have been delisted, at their request, but the damage is pretty much done—it means coming up with a new e-mail address and implementing (usually) the temporarily-effective anti-spam-reading measures on local websites.

I have been working on a database-backed solution to this problem: I need to record working e-mail addresses, and am in the middle of converting all of the listings to a database format for sanity (and some expanded fetures). One feature, of course, is that it will no longer be possible to discover what someone's e-mail address is (although it will be easy to e-mail them from this site.) The scripts aren't done, and now won't be done until after KlezKanada.

Until the new system is enough in place to enable me to get new listings in, I will not be adding new listings (or changes) to the current system. If spammers have your old e-mail address, I can't help. But I can keep new addresses out of their hands.

This has actually been true for a few weeks, but it occurs to me that I should at least let people know what is going on.

One reality of maintaining a large, complex website in your spare time is that if you don't have much spare time, even important things can take time.

I apologize to all for the problem, and for the delay in implementing a solution.

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