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Shalshelet, "Festival of New Jewish Liturgical Music", Nov 13-14

Long-time klezmer Wendy Morrison currently plays with KlezCentricity in the Washington, DC area. She is also responsible for The Celtic Klezmer Concert of the Second Millenium a decade ago that pulled in her love of Celtic music. Her most recent project, "Shalshelet" is Jewish liturgical music, and is now to be featured at the conference of the same (albeit unreleated) name. She writes:


I am privileged and honored to report that 3 of my original liturgical compositions, as performed by my band Shalshelet, have been selected out of a field of 175 submissions from composers from around the world, for inclusion in this year's Festival of New Jewish Liturgical Music, to be presented by Shalshelet.org, the Foundation for New Jewish Music (same name, but no formal association between our band and the non-profit foundation).

Our version of the Shabbat table song "Mipi El" is to be performed in choral arrangement, accompanied by the band, at the Saturday evening concert on November 13, 2004. The other two selections, the Hillel quote "Im Ein Ani Li Mi Li" and the table song "Tsur Mishelo", will be presented and discussed at two different Sunday workshops on November 14. Please mark your calendars, and we'd be grateful if you can help us publicize the festival in your schools and synagogue newsletters.

(Details at www.shalshelet.org—check back after the holidays for updates, as this is late-breaking news and the website will not be updated until all winners have been notified.)

I was given to understand that approximately 30 pieces were selected from all the submissions for inclusion in this year's festival. I'm eagerly looking forward to hearing the other selections at the festival. Planning is underway for a book, with texts and musical scores, and eventually, a CD.

My thanks go out to all those who have encouraged and supported our band, and those who personally helped me copyright, arrange, record, and prepare the musical submissions. Todah Rabbah, and Shana Tova to all.

Wendy Morrison

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