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KlezmerShack coding updated

me in the CaribbeanI have finally finished the promised first phase of moving the KlezmerShack into a database-driven format as promised back in August. As of now, I am embedding all new e-mail addresses in the initial database such that (I hope!) it is no longer to harvest new e-mail addresses from the KlezmerShack pages.

I am now moving slowly through the backlog of listing changes, and thence to converting all e-mail addresses to the new system. I hope thereby to be removing one extant target from e-mail harvesters and making the world a trifle safer for klezmer and Jewish music in general :-).

If spam is especially bothering you, please feel encouraged to e-mail me and let me know (niceness does help) that you would like to be jumped to the head of the queue as I get a chance to deal with hundreds of e-mail addresses. I would rather help those who are most bothered by this plague first.

When this is all done, I'll be moving all listings into database tables and expanding the ways in which you can find bands, dance instructors, festival, ongoing gatherings and the like. Stay tuned and have a sweet new year.

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