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Special Hip Hop Hoodios Chanukah offer

this is a CD cover?I have been enjoying the Hip Hop Hoodoíos for a couple of years now. Repeated issues of "Ocho Kandelikos" on compilation albums isn't quite enough. Now, the new, full-length CD is imminent on Jazzhead records. The guest list includes Frank London, Paul Shapiro/Midnight Minyan, members of Santana, Jaguares, and more. The CD even comes with a MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE? For those, like me, who would rather not wait until March for the official release, the band is offering a Chanukah special


New Hop Hop Hoodíos album "Agua Pa' La Gente" comes with money-back guarantee

What happens when commerce and art come together…and deliver the Grand Behemoth of Latino-Jewish urban music to the people?

Hip Hop Hoodios is pleased to announce that it has signed to Jazzheads Records, and will be releasing its new album "Agua Pa' La Gente" nationally in March.

But the holidays can be such difficult gift-giving times, and with that in mind, we are making the new CD available in limited quantities right now so that you can please even the most diehard Hoodio homie or honey this Hanukkah/X-mas/Kwanzaa.

Our new album "Agua Pa' La Gente" is available for internet pre-order NOW, and the first 1000 copies should be shipping on Dec. 10th. The disc is priced nice for the occasion—only $11.98 if you order from the Jazzheads website and use the special "HHH" promotional code (hey, that's three bucks less than if you buy it in stores next year). The band is backing up the disc with a MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE—if you don't like the album, return it for a refund. How many other groups have the cojones to do that?

But what will you get for your money, you ask?

Check it: Produced by Happy Sanchez (Los Mocosos), the new disc features appearances from members of some of our favorite bands, including Frank London (The Klezmatics), Paul Shapiro (Midnight Minyan), Karl Perazzo (Santana), Federico Fong (Jaguares), Tweety Gonzalez (Soda Stereo, Acida), Don Verde (Los Abandoned) and Juan Manuel Caipo (Orixa). We’re talking 12 spankin' new tracks of Latino-Jewish mayhem, as well as remixes, seahorses, and who knows what else.

The Jewish answer to El Gran Silencio? The Latino respuesta to the Beastie Boys? From Latin funk to klezmer to cumbia to straight-up hip-hop, "Agua Pa' La Gente" is your ultimate holiday gift answer (at least until the Victoria's Secret catalog arrives).


I love Hip Hop Hoodios! So excited to hear about the new album. I just ordered a copy for myself. Que viva los Hoodios!

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