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First round Klezmershack "klezcontacts" update completed

All e-mail addresses of people listing on the Klezmershack's main page, the "Klezcontacts page, have been contacted for confirmation. Some addresses bounced. Those were removed immediately. Lots of people responded - those folks are high on my personal popularity list and their e-mail addresses are now in a backed--up database. Lots of folks also provided backup: Ethan Minovitz, one of the KlezmerShack's earliest correspondents still knows everyone in Vancouver and how to reach them.

Some people never responded. Maybe it's the holiday. Maybe it's accounts that are never checked, or over-eager spam filters. At some point, hopefully by the end of the year, I will switch to a new page, driven entirely by the database. (Between now and then, I am recoding some parts of this based on my experience so far.) At that point, the non-respondents listings disappear.

This is not a bad thing. The goal of the klezmershack listings is to list people who are both interested in Jewish music, and who respond to e-mail. It is unfair, even cruel to list people as though inviting conversation or contact when those conversations will remain one-sided.

I am thinking of a new name for the listings that will make it clear that this is for everyone interested in Jewish music, not just klezmorim. If you have a suggestion, e-mail me.

If you think you are/were listed on the KlezmerShack, and haven't heard from me, something has gone wrong. Search for your listing or send me e-mail right away.

And, of course, if you are active, or actively interested in Jewish music, and wish to be listed, send me a paragraph about yourself, including contact info, and I'll be glad to add you to the database. If you wish to have a radio show, organization, band, or anything else related to Jewish music listed, we usually have a category, or can make one. Send me the info. Like participation in the Jewish-Music mailing list, this is one more way to particpate in the Jewish Music community at large. If all goes well, more are coming in the new secular year. In the meantime, have fun and Happy Chanukah.

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