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Matisyahu clip - singing and some interview

This came to the Jewish-Music mailing list, via Jewsweek, although I can't find it now.

It's a link to a bit of video featuring Hassidic rap reggae artist Matisyahu on the Jimmy Kimmel show. Has a nice bit of his reggae-flavored rap, and a bit of an interview with him. Nice, especially if, like me, you missed him in Boston Thursday night and wanted to get a sense of what this phenomenon is about.


I produced a radio interview with Matisyahu last summer; it's long, but I also think you can get a good feel for Matisyahu and his music.

It's at http://www.fixler.com/kalx/oymendele/segments/matisyahu-128.mp3

There's some other stuff at http://www.fixler.com as well.


Hey, check out more about Matisyahu.

if you like Matisyahu's music, you'll like this blog check it out:
Everything About Matisyahu

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