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David Stein, z"l

Teresa Tova writes the Jewish-Music list:

It is with great sorrow that we were informed of the passing of David A. Stein on Sunday, December 12, 2004. David was an incredible and talented young filmmaker who created the Toronto Jewish Festival trailers for the last three years. His films, many of which premiered at the TJFF, include: NEEDLE AND "TREAD", KHASENJAH: A JAMAICAN JEWISH WEDDING and ISRAEL'S NUCLEAR SPY; MORDECHAI VANUNU. We will remember David for his wonderful smile, his generosity of spirit, and his creative vision. He is profoundly missed.

Mel Korn provided the URL for at least one of these works: the short video, "KhasenJah," the first music video of Toronto's "Beyond the Pale"

www.beyondthepale.net/ChasenJah.ram (or http://www.beyondthepale.net/AudioVideo.php, down at the bottom of the page, for all options)


I am in disbelief over the passing of David. I just bumped into him while David had been filming something at the Distillery District last year. Before this I hadn't seen him since we both attended high school at A.Y. Jackson in North York. David was a great person and always found away to make someone smile or laugh. A great guy, but obviously way too young.
To the family, my deepest regrets.

Thank you for that remembrance.

I knew David briefly in 1999, after I had met him at a wedding of mutual friends in Chicago. He was a wonderful person -- funny, charismatic, ironic -- and I was deeply saddened to hear that he had passed away. I feel particularly badly for his Bubbie, whom he always spoke of so fondly. My sincerest sympathy and condolences to his family and friends.

Thank you for posting that, Anne.

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