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Something Jewish Chanuka radio special still available

Leslie Bunder writes the Jewish-Music list:

For those who didn't get an opportunity to listen to the SomethingJewish Chanukah special which went out today, I have now uploaded it to one of my servers where you can listen to it.


It should automatically select 12 Dec 04 show.

This uses a flash based player which should work for most web browsers.

From hip hop and classical to heavy metal and punk, this was one of our most diverse shows and was a total celebration of all aspects of Jewish music reflecting Chanukah.

Leslie and his partner present a lively, wonderful array of music, including some surreal "make it up as we go along" information such as Woody Guthrie's Judaism and ongoing digs about the UK's Chief Rabbi. Let it not get in anyone's way. This is a lot of fun.

One of the best cuts, of course, is this year's Chanuka hit, a take-off on Outkast, by Eric Schwartz. Leslie notes an interview he did with Mr. Schwartz on the "Something Jewish" UK website: Eric Schwartz interview, by Leslie Bunder.

You'll be confused reading the interview if you haven't already heard the song or best, seen the flash movie set by someone apparently unfamiliar with Jewish customs: Take a look at this and smile.

And, of course, Eric Schwartz' Suburbanhomeboy.com website.

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