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Belated "Light the Menorah"

I'd save this for next year, but who knows whether it will be there next year? So, take a look at Light the Menorah a delightful, Adam Sandler-esque holiday romp:

Now here's a little something we gots to say,
We're gonna spread a little Judaism down your way,
'Cause we rock the star of david instead of a cross,
And when we eat our latkes we like applesauce,
And if you're still not sure why the rhyming's so pure,
You'll be singing the Shema 'till your lips start getting sore,
'Cause we're mixing up the matzo with some rhythm and tone,
And we're spitting it out for you in this microphone, ....

from a blog called "elephantitis of the mind". Thank you!

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