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New Klezmatics CD: "Brother Moses Smote the Water"

album coverI noticed this on the Piranha catalog a couple of weeks ago and was too distracted to pass it on. Now it's official, from the Piranha email newsletter. Not sure when Rounder will bring it out in this country. Lorin? Frank?

... Out now: Klezmer meets Gospel on the first LIVE record of "the best Klezmer band in the world": An early review notes: "Eastern-european- Jewish dancemusic rose to the zenith of its popularity when the Klezmatics stared as wedding-orchestra in "Sex & The City". What else should follow? Together with gospel-artists Kathryn Farmer & Joshua Nelson the Klezmatics reach new heights on their latest live-album "Brother Moses Smote The Water". It is based upon a repertoire which seems stylistically incompatible at first sight but works amazingly well when listened to: spirituals & songs of the Jewish-socialist labour-movement. At the same time they breathe new soul-life into one of Sam Cook's oldies." (Stereoplay 1/2005)

THE KLEZMATICS "Brother Moses Smote The Water" (CD-PIR1896)


I think it is due out in March. I got a secret copy from a friend, and I must say that it is awesome! The Band sounds great, and the singing is out of this world.

Yes it's true! The Klezmatics new Piranha cd, Brother Moses Smote the Water, is already out in Europe and will be officially available in North America (distributed by Harmonia Mundi) in March. The project originated at New York's Museum of Jewish Heritage last April as "Freedom Songs," a concert exploring the intersection of Passover songs and African-American spirituals featuring the remarkable Black Jewish gospel singer Joshua Nelson. The cd, recorded live in Berlin last summer, features the band's first-ever bonus video (an ecstatic version of Shnirele, Perele). Brother Moses tour dates in April thus far include New York City, Berkeley and Napa

For more information, check out the official press release at http://www.rockpaperscissors.biz/index.cfm/fuseaction/current.press_release/project_id/197.cfm

Excellent! Thanks for the info, Lorin.

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