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Victoria de los Angeles z"l

Judith Cohen posts to the Jewish-Music mailing list:

hi, as you know, I'm not a great opera fan, and much much less a fan of traditional songs being performed by opera singers. But Victoria de los Angeles was a great singer and a great person, whom I met because she pioneered the performance of Sephardic songs in Spain: her "10 Sephardic songs" were the introduction to the repertoire for many Spaniards and in many ways the "justification" of a folk repertoire in the eyes of those who need such "justifications". But more than that, she was also a great person. I met her about 13-14 years ago, when we were both giving brief summer workshops at a university in the north of Spain, she in opera technique, and I in Sephardic music. At the time, I was doing a post-doc project on the performance of Sephardic songs in non'traditional ways, and was interviewing several singers- finding her at that same setting was serendipitous, and very rewarding. I was struck by how completely unpretentious she was, and how easy and delightful to speak with - and very moved when she told me she had "learned from me."

I read in the SPanish papers this morning that she has just died, at 81, having been admitted to hospital New Year's Eve. Another great one has gone, Judith


Anyone know where I can get permission to use this photograph to accompany an Obit in Musical Opinion. I would need contact with whomever holds the original.
Thanks for any help.

I would go to the source of the image, in this case, http://www.emiclassics.com and E-MAIL someone there.

Good luck,

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