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Smithsonian Folkways recordings available from MSN

Marvin Margoshes posted the news to the Jewish-Music mailing list:

Smithsonian Folkways recordings are now available for downloading at $0.99 a track from www.music.msn.com. I haven't explored the site exhaustively, but at www.music.msn.com/smithsonian/world there is a music of the Bukharan Jewish group Shasmaqam; 13 pieces at $0.99 each, or the whole album for $8.91.

The actual albums are available from many sources, notably Hatikvah Music. The albums (on CD, these days) include liner notes. The new electronic downloads are playable only on computers or players that can handle Microsoft software.

Irwin Oppenheimer also notes: "The complete catalog of Jewish recordings on the Folkways label, seems to be available through Folkways website. The site allows you to listen to small excerpts of most tracks, and to order the material on cassette or cd.

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