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Doing my best to sell out

me in the old t-shirtIt's time to launch the official 10th anniversary KlezmerShack celebration. The first concerts are sponsored next month (details very, very soon) and I'm working on the press release as fast as I can type. In the meantime, I have updated the KlezmerShack logo (see the top of this web page) to reflect this year, and opened a new Klezmershack shop with CafePress. (The design I was wearing at KlezKanada several years ago, in this picture to your left, has been retired. At least, for now. If nothing else, I am still exploring new spellings of the term "klezmer" in Hebrew and Yiddish, and looking for excuses to use more of my favorite Hebrew fonts. Out with the old, in with the new. What else is a consumer society for, if not new swag from the KlezmerShack?)

I'll add new items to the store as time permits or people request CafePress that they see featured on other websites. In the meantime, please feel encouraged to purchase as much swag as seems appropriate - I actually get a percentage of the sales, which helps pay the electric bill and such.

Why CafePress? Two reasons. First, they create each item on demand, so if nobody wants any of this stuff, all that was wasted was a bit of time. Second, they handle shipping and everything else, so you're not waiting for me to get my act together to send you t-shirts that I'm going to get more of just next month or whenever. Things go out to you almost as fast as you order them. And they have staff who are there to handle complaints when things go wrong. I like that.

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