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The power of Music in Judaism

Yoel Taieb, of the Techelet Ensemble, reports that he has created a new website of interest. Information ranges from Chassidic music to articles on modern Jewish classical composers such as Milhaud, Bloch, and Schoenberg:

I have built a website who is a sort of journey in music image and texts to the land of the nigun. When i began to search my way in chassidic and jewish music about twenty years ago, Paris was such a desert to what concern jewish music. Now that with Ensemble Techelet we succeed in creating a new style and that i see a logic in what i suffured all this years i built this website as a tribute to all those who inspired me on the way. I will be very happy that you'll speak about it and about our music

The new website address: www.geocities.com/chassidmusic

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