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New Israeli Peace Music Group

www.guns2guitars.org is finally launching! wider in vision than Ofer (Jerusaleman) the musician and design by Earthmandala - with a 40 minute music loop (popup enable) and lots of links including Kultur ohne Grenzen (see the links page - from Networking page) so........................ if you have a link to www.ofergolany.com please please change it to www.guns2guitars.org we have 3 focuses for March in healing Israel/Palestine of nationalism

  • the All Nations Caravan with Jewish and Arab musicians after a series of events in Jerusalem (east and west) is coming to Germany / Holland / Switzerland in May -connect through Travel page at www.guns2guitars.org
  • the IDF has jailed a conscientious objector who refuses to wear a uniform - if there is enough protest the army will know it can not jail pacifists for their refusal - go thru the link on Education page (we can educate the military to recognize pacifism) at www.guns2guitars.org
  • PURIM - the holiday of carnaval, salvation (of course through a woman)

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