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Nan Metashvili in the Sahel

Djenne, Mali

Bonjour, mes amis;

Djenne, fabled city of mud sculptures, compounds of banko with walls and pinacles and odd little spires sticking up from gates and mosques and even grain storage huts. So beautiful

Market day, crowds in from all over—mangos and plastic shoes and grass mats and used western clothing and the frying of rice cakes and meat and plantains and potatoes... eating at the street stalls is cheap and good but there is the sea of begging children to either ignore or relinquish one's meal to... I do the latter, spooning out dollops of haricots to the outstretched hands of those who don't even possess the ubiquitous begging bucket.

40+ in the shade, I am not sure how long I can manage...

Segou, sleepy town on the Niger River, crossing by pirogue, coold breeze a total JOY.

Am travelling for a few days with a Japanese only speaking Japanese, and his multi lingual guide; lots of fun with the acting. And I rather enjoy the airconditioned quatre/quatre, it makes a luxurious change from being squashed and roasted in the normal busses!

Djenne is so magical, so old, and at night I sleep on the roof under the stars with the quiet of the wind (well, after the drummers have packed up and left) and the funny shapes of adobe spires and mud crennelations providing a roofscape unlike any other ANYWHERE.

But it is too hot;
Nyokoboko, (peace & love in Wolof)
Ferenji Nan

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