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Taraf de Haidouks, kazoo-ized

Lila Feingold found this on the Balkan list. I will eschew her description and suggest that this must be experienced in full

"this brilliant teenager in NYC has decided to have a kazoo band playing, essentially, gypsy brass band style. Here is the link to his demo:"

I decided that before I form my orchestra it would be nice to know how it would actually sound. SO I hooked up a mic to the computer and overdubbed a kazoo orchestra of 8 parts (all played by me)

With all the talk of Dumbala Dumba I figured it would be a good tune to try. HERE IT IS: www.jeremyb.com/kazoo.mov. Note this requires "Quicktime".

"you may possibly be able to recognize this tune from the playing of Taraf de Haidouks."


I woner if Jeremy B is the talented Jeremy Bloom from NYC. I met him last year and the year before at KlezKanada.

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