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Weimar Klezmer Wochen - still a few openings

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From Alan Bern, director of the Weimar Klezmer Wochen (Weimar Klezmer Weeks):

There are still some openings for participants in the Weimar Klezmer Wochen, running this year from July 23 through August 18. We're offering intensive, week-long, single-topic workshops on: Yiddish language (with Pesakh Fishman and Dorothea Greve), Yiddish and Greek song (with Michael Alpert, Shura Lipovsky, and Sophia Papazoglou), Yiddish dance (with Michael Alpert, Zev Feldman, and Erik Bendix), and Yiddish and Greek instrumental music (with BOW, Christian Dawid & Sanne Moericke, Steven Greenman, Kyriakos Gouventas, Yannis Alexandris, and others). The Weimar workshops are for experienced musicians who enjoy learning by ear, small class sizes, and intensive focus. Most of the classes are team-taught in an atmosphere of musical and intellectual exploration. The evenings are dedicated to public jam sessions and dances in the cafes and markets of Weimar. The student body is truly international, coming from all over Europe, North America, and even Asia. For more information about the individual workshops, faculty, dates, costs, etc., please visit our website. Thanks!


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