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Calling all Yiddish Theater Enthusiasts to KlezKanada

klezkanada logoCome join us in a workshop of a new piece of musical theatre, based on Sholem Aleichem’s comic monologue Gitl Purishkevitsh. Set in Russia in 1907, Gitl Purishkevitsh is about a widowed tea peddler who manages to outwit the leading anti-Semite of the day, and save her shlemazl of a son from the Czar’s army.

Music Ensemble for instrumentalists—led by Hankus Netsky and Josh Waletzky. This is the hands-on exploration of music from the new musical. We will explore orchestration, theatre performance style, the art of accompanying singers, and the challenge of playing music on-stage, in character.

Acting Ensemble for actors and singers—led by Joanne Borts and Jenny Levison. This is the hands-on exploration of scenes from the new musical. We will explore the text, staging, solo and ensemble performance, and music.

Go to www.klezkanada.com for more information.

Scholarship opportunities available for people under 30. All ages and all levels are welcome. These ensembles will be in primarily in English.