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First round, KlezKanada photos

klezkanada logoBob Blacksberg, who supplied the best pictures for the KlezKanada newsletter, but has been known for years for documenting KlezKanada in general, writes:

The first round of my KlezKanada pictures can be found at:


There will be hundreds more, plus video, as I get the chance to work on it. I will try to post full resolution versions of the group pictures in the next day or two, and perhaps select different ones than those that appear here.

I can barely find the words to express the learning, joy, khevre, affection of this week. I hope the pictures help to capture it.

If you would like to send a caption or description for any of these pictures, or others that I post, please write. I will add them to the web pages to enrich the experience for all.

A sheynem dank!!!!
Bob Blacksberg


As Ari's weblog illustrates, I have posted pictures from every day of KlezKanada. There are several video and audio files, including the first of the "East Meets West" group and an MP3 of Frank London's student group (responding to several requests). Enjoy!

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