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Punk Princesses: Jews with Attitude

Ouch! What headline writer thought that evoking the misogynist image of the Jewish American Princess was a clever way to talk about women doing interesting new things in Jewish music? Surely not George Robinson, who wrote the article and includes some great quotes from Annette Ezekiel, Jewlia Eisenberg, and Sophie Solomon in this article from the Jewish Journal of Los Angeles. Did I mention his kind inclusion of yours truly among the quotees?


Yo! Anything happening on the left coast?

Sure thing - check out the calendar for "USA_california"!

And while you're at it, write a letter to your local Jewish Journal and ask them why associating anyone with the term "Princess" is anything but misogyny. Sheesh. Is the paper put out by dinosaurs, clueless non-Jewish teenagers, or blooming idjits?

Read the article! Plenty - but the sort of paper that thinks that misogyny makes for good headlines may not be the best source for what's happening that is interesting or worth anything.

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