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new Jewish PR blog, UK

Leslie Bunder, the irrepressible host of the UK show, Something Jewish, announces:

Hi folks

Hope the following is of interest to those who are sending out press releases of their music. It's a new service that allows you to gain further distribution of your information.

Jewish PR Blog - The global Jewish Press Release service

20 October 2005 - A new free service to help the Jewish community distribute its information through the internet and also get instant reaction has been launched at Jewish PR Blog (www.JewishPRBlog.com).

Using blog technology, Jewish PR Blog allows anyone sending out a press release of Jewish interest or containing something Jewish to distribute it online for free.

More information: www.JewishPRBlog.com
tel: 07976 220273
E-mail Jewish PR Blog

The new global service has been created by digital Jewish media publisher JMT Ventures.

"Jewish groups and organisations as well as individuals have told us how difficult it is to get their news out on the web," said JMT Ventures co-founder Leslie Bunder. "Through Jewish PR Blog we enable them to get the news out which others can get either through reading online or through our blog feed."

"The advantage of publishing it through a blog format is that readers can instantly comment on the news release and provide comments direct to those who issue the releases," Bunder added. "It really does allow readers direct access to the news releases, something which they have historically never been able to do."

People using Jewish PR Blog are looking for specific Jewish interest releases and being on Jewish PR Blog allows those with a story to be told to reach these people.

Whether you are a Jewish organisation announcing your latest news, or a band with a new CD, Jewish PR Blog covers all sections of the community and all interests.

More information: www.JewishPRBlog.com
tel: 07976 220273
E-mail Jewish PR Blog

Jewish PR Blog is from JMT Ventures, the UK-based Jewish digital media creators. Among the online properties JMT Ventures publish are: SomethingJewish (www.somethingjewish.co.uk), SomeoneJewish.com (www.someonejewish.com), Daily Jews (www.dailyjews.com), JewishBlogging (www.jewishblogging.com), Points of Jew (www.pointsofjew.com) and Jewish Jokes (www.jewishjokes.net)

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