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Ride-Shares to KCB reunion? Cambridge student and others in need

KlezmerShack 10th AnniversaryIn one of the wonderful ironies of running the KlezmerShack, I'm here in Albuquerque at a conference and will miss the first concert this weekend. In the meantime, I am hearing from college students looking for rides to the concert (in my stead?). As much as I appreciate the amazing job that the LSJCC has done in facilitating this event (okay, doing just about everything, plus providing the major chunk of cash), the JCC is in a location in Newton remote from useful bus service and very far for hiking in from the T.

If you can offer a ride Saturday night or Sunday, please e-mail me (don't post phone numbers or email addresses as comments). And, if you need a ride, also email me.

There are going to be two very different concerts Saturday night and Sunday, so I encourage people to attend both. And especially, let me help facilitating all or both so that we get as many people to attend as possible. Oh, and did I get to mention that I'll be speaking at a roundtable on Sunday? Look forward to meeting people then.

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