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3rd KlezMORE Fest starts today

festival logFor all those who haven't been paying attention to some exciting organizing happening in Vienna, I point out that today is the first day of the 3rd KlezMORE festival, which kicks off at the Porgy and Bess club. The levels of irony abound, given that those deracinated Jewish intellectuals who abhorred Klezmer and overtly Eastern European Jewish culture, who were so fond of the Vienna coffeehouses until the arrival of Hitler and their destruction, now get a sort of revenge (albeit, not one that they would all have appreciated) as out Jewish culture takes over the town for a couple of weeks, and starts off in a club named for a Jewish-written opera about another non-Aryan culture the Nazis abhorred. The festival organizers possibly think of this differently:

3rd KlezMORE Festival
July 2-16
Vienna, Austria
Festival-info: +43(0)676 - 512 91 04 www.klezmore-vienna.at

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