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Fasten your seatbelts. We're in for a bumpy night

I apologize for the parts of this website that don't work at the moment. The short story is that there is a problem such that my service provider keeps disabling comments. In my non-existent spare time I try to fix the problem and sometimes, as over the last couple of days, things get significantly worse.

There is also a general problem to which I am no closer in resolution: the minimal time which once sufficed to maintain the website is now also maintaining the calendar and other online services such that nothing gets the time it needs and everything is behind. I have been through several solutions that haven't worked, and will probably continue doing so until I find a way to do it all (or convince others to do it instead—differently from how I might have done, but done, all the same).

If you have ideas, or want to volunteer to review CDs, maintain the calendar and/or listings, post to the KlezmerShack blog, let me know. If you are one of the dozens of people awaiting a review, a listing change, a calendar listing, please bear with me.

Many thanks. Look forward to seeing lots of ya'll at KlezKanada

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