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KlezKanada blog launched ... and we're back

The good news is that the KlezKanada blog was launched the first day of camp - go to www.klezkanada.com and click on "blog". The bad news is that the promised internet connectivity fizzled, yet again, so that after the first day we couldn't usefully post to it from camp. But the good news is that we were busy having fun at camp, so for most of us, it didn't matter. The bad news is that those people who arrived at camp needed email for work, to finalize arrangements for gigs, or places to stay, or transport home, were once again up a creek. It is quite likely that next year KlezKanada will bring its own equipment to support Internet access and not rely on the camp. But that's for discussion later this year.

So, we did a daily newsletter again. It ranged from 4-8 pages, but this year lacked the diversity of languages—we had just Yiddish, English, and Spanish this year. No Russian. The "Personals" ads raised money for the scholarship fund that got into the three digits. Not bad!

We were dwarfed in our fundraising efforts by Emily Socolov and Robin Young who sold ponchos, lap blankets, and some neat magnets to raise funds for the family of German Goldenshteyn, z"l. Emily writes that they raised $700 for the family.

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